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[libvirt] [PATCH 00/28] Rename files in src/util to have a 'vir' prefix

Currently the files in src/util are 50/50 split between those
having a 'vir' prefix and those which don't. Finish the job
by remaining all remaining files to have a 'vir' prefix too,
guaranteeing that they can't clash with system headers[1].

The only case which was not a plain rename, was merging
processinfo.{c,h} into the virprocess.{c,h} since the
functionality logically belongs together.

At the end src/Makefile.am is updated to sort util files

Left as further work - make sure all functions in these
files also have a 'vir' prefix. eg dnsmasq, ebtables,
iptables, usb and pci files are violators in this regard.

Also left, much of virutil.c should move into virfile.c


[1] Not a theoretical problem - we already hit a clsah
    on 'usb.h' before forcing us to use 'hostusb.h'
    and 'memory.h' clashes with a system header but we
    never noticed so far.

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