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[libvirt] Important question

OK, so maybe I an nuts but it seems to me that there is this 800 pound gorilla wondering around the Fedora 18 tent and its name is firewalld! Or it with respect to virtual guests and libvirt (since libvirt is a critical part of networking support).

Maybe I am missing some critical information as to how to configure firewalld so that guests can perform functions which the same guest can do on a Fedora 17 host. She only firewalld configuration I have been able to come up with is to configure it disabled.


I have test this problem on different hardware and with/without mu usual updates of libvirt-1.0.1 and NetworkManager-git20121130. Please tell me that there is just this little thing I need to do and everything will work.

With Fedora 18 to be released "real soon now", this is a very big problem! I remember with SELinux first appeared ... most people disabled it. Is this what is going to happen with firewalld?

A big part of my problem is that I see little notice that there is a problem.

I do not like cross posting but this needs to be on a couple of lists so I will be sending each a copy of this message.


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