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Re: [libvirt] [PATCHv3 1/3] build: Check for broken GCC -Wlogical-op in configure

On 12/18/2012 09:38 PM, Eric Blake wrote:

I know this is already pushed, but I think it would fit better under
m4/virt-compile-warnings.m4 rather than at the top-level configure.ac.

since it is early in the release it's not too late to change this,
although I think - if not in configure.ac - it would rather belong
to a separate m4/workarounds.m4 or similar ...
Potential ouch.  This sets BROKEN_GCC_WLOGICALOP to 1 on all non-gcc
compilers.  Then in patch 2/3, you blindly use this condition to request
a pragma:
Really? My expectation is that only a GCC compiler will trigger this
condition unless there are other compilers producing a compile error
with strchr(x,y).
In consequence it is fair to use a GCC pragma, especially as the
diagnostic pragma is applicable for the failing GCC versions (according
to the GCC manuals).


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