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Re: [libvirt] [RFC] Refactoring bridge driver for portability

On 2012年12月23日 20:54, Roman Bogorodskiy wrote:

Few weeks ago when I have submitted my all-in-one huge FreeBSD,
Eric made some comments on the networking part:


Now when we're done with most of the other things, I'd like
to discuss networking in more detail.

Basically, the main question that bothers me is what would be the
best way to refactor network/bridge_driver.c?

Currently it contains a number of things:

  - dnsmasq routines, static, but cross-platform, doesn't need
    any changes (at least major ones)
  - the same for radvd
  - minor firewalld bits, that are linux specifc
  - iptables routines. There are quite a lot of that code
    and it's also gets called from many places in the file

I'm thinking about an approach that Eric mentioned for virthread.c:

- keep dnsmasq and radvd in bridge_driver.c
- move out all linux specific code to bridge_driver_linux.c and
   #include it in a way similar to virthread.c
- in a similar way create bridge_driver_freebsd.c

Does it sound reasonable?

Sounds good to me, though it will be nice if we could rename
bridge_driver.c like network_backend_bridge.c, but it's not related
to this topic, and can be done separately.


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