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Re: [libvirt] virsh "net-create" explanation

On 2012年12月26日 23:36, Bilal Ahmad wrote:
Hi all,

I am new to libvirt and started looking at the source code. While
tracing back the virsh command "net-create", I got stuck into a loop and
I would really like someone to explain how this works.

In the virsh-network.c, from:

network = virNetworkCreateXML(ctl->conn, buffer);

I traced back to:

if (conn->networkDriver && conn->networkDriver->networkCreateXML) {
         virNetworkPtr ret;
         ret = conn->networkDriver->networkCreateXML(conn, xmlDesc);

Then I traced back to the following struct to find how networkCreateXML
is working:

struct _virNetworkDriver {
         const char * name;  /* the name of the driver */
         virDrvOpen                  open;
         virDrvClose                 close;
         virDrvNumOfNetworks         numOfNetworks;
         virDrvListNetworks          listNetworks;
         virDrvNumOfDefinedNetworks  numOfDefinedNetworks;
         virDrvListDefinedNetworks   listDefinedNetworks;
         virDrvListAllNetworks       listAllNetworks;
         virDrvNetworkLookupByUUID   networkLookupByUUID;
         virDrvNetworkLookupByName   networkLookupByName;
         virDrvNetworkCreateXML      networkCreateXML;

 From the above code, I located the definition of virDrvNetworkCreateXML
and found the following:

typedef virNetworkPtr
         (*virDrvNetworkCreateXML)       (virConnectPtr conn,
                                          const char *xmlDesc);
This is where I am unable to trace back to any other code. Can someone
please explain the code with typedef above and where is the definition
of the function this function pointer is pointing to? I want to get to
the root of the networkCreateXML function and how it exactly works. Can
someone please explain?

It's implemented in network driver (src/network/bridge_driver.*).
Similar for other drivers.

Thanks a lot,

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