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Re: [libvirt] virsh "net-create" explanation

On 26.12.2012 16:36, Bilal Ahmad wrote:
> Hi all, 
> I am new to libvirt and started looking at the source code. While
> tracing back the virsh command "net-create", I got stuck into a loop and
> I would really like someone to explain how this works. 
> In the virsh-network.c, from:
> network = virNetworkCreateXML(ctl->conn, buffer); 
> I traced back to: 
> if (conn->networkDriver && conn->networkDriver->networkCreateXML) {
>         virNetworkPtr ret;
>         ret = conn->networkDriver->networkCreateXML(conn, xmlDesc);

Some hypervisors manage networks on their own (e.g. VBox) while others
rely on our bridge driver. Since we've switched to C99 struct initialization,
you can simply grep for networkCreateXML:

$ git grep networkCreateXML

and you'll see which functions implements the functionality:

src/network/bridge_driver.c:    .networkCreateXML = networkCreate, /* 0.2.0 */
src/remote/remote_driver.c:    .networkCreateXML = remoteNetworkCreateXML, /* 0.3.0 */
src/test/test_driver.c:    .networkCreateXML = testNetworkCreate, /* 0.3.2 */
src/vbox/vbox_tmpl.c:    .networkCreateXML       = vboxNetworkCreateXML, /* 0.6.4 */

And now you can look deeper into networkCreate(), testNetworkCreate() or vboxNetworkCreateXML().
You can repeat the process with other driver methods and drivers as well.


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