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Re: [libvirt] [PATCH v5] npiv: Auto-generate WWN if it's not specified

On 2012年02月07日 03:13, Matthias Bolte wrote:
2012/2/6 Eric Blake<eblake redhat com>:
On 02/06/2012 02:11 AM, Osier Yang wrote:
The auto-generated WWN comply with the new addressing schema of WWN:

the first nibble is either hex 5 or 6 followed by a 3-byte vendor
identifier and 36 bits for a vendor-specified serial number.

We choose hex 5 for the first nibble. And use Qumranet's OUI
(00:1A:4A) as the 3-byte vendor indentifier. The last 36 bits
are auto-generated.
  src/conf/node_device_conf.c |   36 +++++++++++++++++++-----------------
  src/libvirt_private.syms    |    1 +
  src/util/virrandom.c        |   18 ++++++++++++++++++
  src/util/virrandom.h        |    1 +
  4 files changed, 39 insertions(+), 17 deletions(-)

+#define QUMRANET_OUI "001a4a"
+virRandomGenerateWWN(char **wwn) {
+   if (virAsprintf(wwn, "5" QUMRANET_OUI "%09" PRIx64,
+                   virRandomBits(36))<  0) {
+       virReportOOMError();
+       return -1;
+   }
+   return 0;

ACK.  It looks a lot shorter than v4, which is a good thing :)

Maybe I miss something here because I didn't follow the whole version
history, but doesn't this result in using Qumranet's OUI for all
generated WWN's in libvirt, also for ESX and Hyper-V (assume the
drivers would support node devices yet) that might use different OUIs?
Or do I misunderstand this?

Yeah, that's strange to see Qumranet's in ESX or other else
environment, I created v6 to choose OUI according to the
underlying hypervisor driver. Thanks for pointing it out.


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