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Re: [libvirt] availability of rc2 for 0.9.10

On 02/08/2012 07:59 AM, Daniel Veillard wrote:
the rpms are available too and the git tree is tagged.

  Hopefully that one is more usable, and I'm still hoping for a
release on Monday,

Osier and I discussed SCSI addressing today. It looks like there is a risk of having backwards-incompatible changes to the addressing of spapr-vscsi and virtio-scsi LUNs in 0.9.11. This is because the implicit addressing of SCSI devices misuses the "unit" element for the SCSI target.

If there is still time, could you revert commit c9abfad (qemu: add virtio-scsi controller model, 2012-01-13) and commit 7b345b6 (qemu: add ibmvscsi controller model, 2012-01-13) from 0.9.10? Osier then can resubmit them together with his work on SCSI addresses.


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