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[libvirt] Network not Persistent

Hello All,

I am currently working on patches for PCI-passthrough of SRIOV VF's and I am facing an issue with the network definition not being persistent.

I am using a new forward mode = hostdev and the network xml is as follows:
  <forward mode="hostdev">
    <pf dev="eth2"/>

Command line used is:
# virsh net-define pci_passthrough_network.xml

The network is defined successfully and I can use it at this point.

But if I restart libvirt after defining the above network, I lose the network definition.

After restart libvirt does not possess any knowledge of the above network.

This does not happen when I use forward mode="bridge".

I have cross referenced the function call path of networkDefine for both the forwarding modes and I can't seem to find the problem.

Is there some function I am missing?

May I ask for your help to solve this issue?

Many Thanks,

Shradha Shah

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