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Re: [libvirt] [PATCHv4 0/3] Xen: Fix <clock> handling


On Tuesday 14 February 2012 19:07:21 Philipp Hahn wrote:
> Before version 3.1 xen only implemented clock/@offset='utc' and
> 'localtime'. With the introduction of managed domains in 3.1 xend keeps
> track of the rtc_timeoffset, even over reboots. This translates to
>  libvirts
> clock/@offset='variable' variant. Be advised that only HV domains have a
> RTC.
> In addition xen also supports a variant where the offset is tracked to
> 'localtime', which is currently not supported by libvirt. To make matters
> worse, this was somehow broken in some versions of xen and was finally
> fixed with version xen-3.4.
> The following patch set ...
> * adds support for handling variable offsets relative to localtime,
> * fixes libvirt to use clock/@offset='variable' for newer xen versions,
> * adapts the test suit accordingly
> I've tested this on CenOS5 (xend-3.0.3 + 3.1.2 hypervisor?), UCS-2.3
> (xen-3.2.1), UCS-2.4 (xen-3.4.3) and UCS-3.0 (xen-4.1.2).


> Since v1:
> + fix handling of direct-PV-domains
> + added handling of localtime=1 + rtc_timeoffset
> + fixed test suite
> Since v2: (on feedback by Eric)
> + add the adjustment='reset' attribute to force the old behaviour
> + handle adjustment='$timeDelta' as a short-cut for the conversion to
> variable. + simplify error path handling
> + update version numbers to 0.9.11
> Since v3:
> + Add missing offset=VARIALE for adjustment='$timeDelta' conversion.
> Philipp Hahn (3):
>   Support clock=variable relative to localtime
>   Xen: Fix <clock> handling
>   Xen: Adapt <clock> tests

@Eric: If I understood your proposal right, v4 should implement your 
transition path for xen. In our local tests it worked okay.

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