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Re: [libvirt] kvm-qemu emulator problem

Sorry for that 
I defined it now 
When I run the command 

[root localhost qemu]# virsh start guestfvd
error: Failed to start domain guestfvd
error: internal error unknown disk format 'fvd' for

I know this error sounds like the fvd is not installed but I
havecompiled it and maked it myself

Qemu-img command list the format fvd along with qed ,qcow2

The binary qemu-system-x86-64 isalso maked as a result of make install

What to do now ???

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From: Michal Novotny [mailto:minovotn redhat com] 
Sent: Thursday, January 05, 2012 4:14 PM
To: Pankaj Rawat
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Subject: Re: [libvirt] kvm-qemu emulator problem

On 01/05/2012 11:43 AM, Pankaj Rawat wrote:
> I created a xml file guestfvd.xml
> Then I made changes as u specified 
> And when run command
> [root localhost qemu]# virsh start guestfvd
> error: failed to get domain 'guestfvd'
> error: Domain not found: no domain with matching name 'guestfvd'
> Now this error make sence since we have'nt created a guest yet how can
> we start such one.
> Please correct me if I'm wrong 
> Can you help me on this

You forgot to define it first ;-) You have to define it using "virsh
define guestfvd.xml" first and then start :-) The name of what guest to
start have to be the same as the one in "//domain/name" node of xPath
query applied to the XML file.


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