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[libvirt] Xen driver and vif naming


I am currently trying to use libvirt (debian stable, version 0.8.3) to
gather some information about our xen server. (I am complete libvirt
newbie :-) ). But when trying to get some info about network interfaces
(e.g. via "virsh -c xen:/// domifstat domname vif1.0"), I am receiving
an error:

error: Failed to get interface stats domname vif1.0
error: invalid argument in xenHypervisorDomainInterfaceStats: invalid
path, vif<domid> should match this domain ID

The error is right, the 1 in vif name does not match domain id. Due to
some restarts, the id is right now 6.

In Xen configuration, I am using the vifname=vif1.0 option to set the
interface name - I need this so I can refer to these names in firewall
configuration (I am not using a bridge between xen interfaces).
I have found no way to set the domain ID to a fixed number, so it is
always generated (and always different from the vif name).

So, for me, this mis-match is expected.

Why is libvirt checking the name against the id? Any real reason for
this? Any known workaround to circumvent this problem for me?

Thanks a lot


P.S. - I am not subscribed to the list, please keep me on the cc-list.

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