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[libvirt] [PATCH 0/4] New command for changing media of changeable disk

This is an improved version of :

The changes are:
  * New helper functions to find and change the disk XML
  * Use the helper functions in cmdDetachDisk
  * Merge insert-media and eject-media as change-media
  * Support --update option.

[PATCH 0/4] introduces two new helper functions: vshFindDisk is to find
the disk XML node in xml doc with the flags (indicates it's normal disk
or changeable disk). VshPrepareDiskXML is to prepare the disk XML for
disk changing commands' use. Such as detach-disk. The purpose of this
patch is to prepare for upcoming new command "change-disk", which will
use the two helper functions too.

NB, as I explained previously, the new QEMU commands to separate tray
and media management shouldn't block us.

[PATCH 1/4] virsh: Two new helper functions for disk device changes
[PATCH 2/4] virsh: Use vshFindDisk and vshPrepareDiskXML in
[PATCH 3/4] virsh: New command cmdChangeMedia
[PATCH 4/4] virsh: Add document for cmdChangeMedia


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