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[libvirt] Feature Request: sniff a virtual interface of a guest


there is currently no support for sniffing the network traffic of a virtual
nic, from local or remote. In some cases the debugging or monitoring of a guest
is therefore not as easy as it could be.

Although it's easy to start a network sniffer on the physical host, it requires
direct access to a shell and some knowledge of the current configuration of
the virtual networks.

I think it would be a great benefit for libvirt if network sniffing would be
possible out of the box.

One idea would be to start a local tshark sniffing on the card and connect this
to a local socket. This could then be forwarded by ssh to a wireshark process
running on a desktop.

I created a feature request for that: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=784893

Any thoughts or hints to implement that?

Hendrik Schwartke

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