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Re: [libvirt] [PATCH] tests: dynamically replace dnsmasq path

Hello Eric,

Am Montag 30 Januar 2012 20:18:15 schrieb Eric Blake:
> > +        if (diff > 0) {
> > +            tmp = realloc((void *)*buf, new_len);
> We should not be using realloc in this file, but should be using
> VIR_RESIZE_N or similar.

Okay, makes the code even more readable.

> > +        memmove(token_start, replacement, replacement_len);
> But this would be more efficient as memcpy, since replacement (better
> not) overlap with token_start.

I know of some projects which forbid memcpy() because of the missing overlap 
handling. But if this is okay with libvirt, I'll use it.
I hope performance will never be a problem with this simple test scenario, 
because then doing one realloc() instead of one for each found would be 

> > +        if (diff < 0) {
> > +            tmp = realloc((void *)*buf, new_len);
> No need to downsize the allocation - it's okay to leave junk in the tail
> end of the buffer, as long as we have a trailing NUL to stop us in time.

Fine with me for this simple test case, but if that would be generalized and 
be used in other places, this might become a problem. I'll add a comment.

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