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Re: [libvirt] compile option: --without-gnutls

On Fri, Jun 29, 2012 at 06:09:53PM -0400, Chris Van Heuveln wrote:
> Hi libvirt-list,
> Full disclosure: this is the first open source project I've tried
> to contribute to and I'm still learning the process and tools.

Welcome, and don't worry, we're a generally friendly bunch who
like seeing new contributors :-)

> In any case, Mikhail Gusarov started a thread on this a while
> back and I've tried to take it to conclusion. I needed to remove
> tls for 0.8.4 so I coded up a --without-gnutls configure option
> using Mikhail's partial code as a template. Then I pulled down
> 0.9.12 and came up with a patch that I'd like to push out to the
> commununity.

As a general rule we recommend that people do their work against
the latest GIT repository, rather than a formal release. With the
pace of libvirt code development, you can find your patches against
formal releases, won't cleanly apply to the latest GIT. So using
GIT directly avoids you that headache.

As an added bonus, it means you can also use 'git send-email'
to submit your patch to the mailing list, avoiding the risk of
your email client mangling the whitespace !

> I'm not adding any "new" functionality other than the
> configure option. The tls calls/structs are just #ifdef'd
> for the most part. In a couple of places I had to flip the
> logic for "if (!tls_struct) else", and also had to modify
> a few function calls to pass void * instead of tls pointers.

Ok, sounds like a reasonable way to start.

> I built --with-gnutls, --without-gnutls, and no option
> specified (defaults to --with-gnutls).
> make check is clean except for:
> TEST: libvirtdconftest
>       .....!!!!!!...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  39  FAIL
> ...which consists mostly of this sasl failure:
> 39) Test corruption                                                   ... libvir: Config File error : unsupported configuration: remoteReadConfigFile: /home/ubu/git/libvirt/tests/../daemon/libvirtd.conf: auth_tcp: unsupported auth sasl
> ...so I'm trying to track that down, and also need to
> run syntax-check and valgrind tests.

When debugging the test cases, you can see more verbose
output by setting   "VIR_TEST_DEBUG=1" before running
it, eg

   cd tests
   VIR_TEST_DEBUG=1 ./libvirtdconftest

> Once I get the tests passing what's my next step?
> Are you okay with this approach? 
> Do you want a preview of my diffs? 
> Do I need to write additional tests for this new option
> or update any documentation? 

Historically, we've never bothered to document the configure script
options - just rely on autoconf's automatic help text.

So my recommendation is to just update your patches to
apply against latest GIT master, and then send them to
this list.

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