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[libvirt] Mutt patch colour highlighting

On Fri, Jul 20, 2012 at 09:46:42AM -0600, Eric Blake wrote:
> > One remark up there, but no biggie.
> I had to hunt for that remark among 70k of verbatim patch.  Not only is
> it okay to trim portions of the patch that you are happy with, but
> trimming actually helps focus on the problems.  Just be sure you leave
> enough context to help the readers pinpoint where the problem was (as I
> did here, by including the @@ line at the start of the problematic hunk).

I completely agree with your point, but if you have a good mutt
colour setup, it is fairly easy to scan through large mails and
distinguish new text vs quoted text at a glance. I even have
some magic settings to highlight patches in email


In my .muttrc:

    # General colour settings
    color attachment brightmagenta black
    #color body white black
    color bold green black
    color header brightyellow black ^(From|Subject):
    color hdrdefault yellow black
    #color index white black
    #color indicator brightyellow red
    color indicator brightyellow red
    color markers brightcyan black
    color message brightcyan black
    color normal white black
    color quoted brightblue black
    color search green black
    color signature red black
    color status yellow blue
    color tilde magenta black
    color tree magenta black
    color underline green black

    # Patch file highlighting
    color body green black "^diff \-.*"
    color body green black "^index [a-f0-9].*"
    color body green black "^\-\-\- .*"
    color body green black "^[\+]{3} .*"
    color body cyan black "^[\+][^\+]+.*"
    color body red  black "^\-[^\-]+.*"
    color body brightblue black "^@@ .*"

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