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Re: [libvirt] [PATCH] build: regenerate .png files

On 07/21/12 05:52, Eric Blake wrote:
We don't expect people to have tools installed to regenerate .png
from .fig by default.  However, since commit 5eb3df8, several
.fig files were updated without regenerating the .png file, and
as a result, 'make dist' ends up regenerating those five files,
or worse, failing because of missing tools.

Additionally, the generation of .png files is nondeterministic
(the resulting files contain a timestamp), which means prior to
this patch, running 'make dist' from two checkouts will end up
producing different tarball contents (two 'make dist' runs will
always produce different tar files, since tarballs also contain
timestamps; but unpacking the tarballs and doing a recursive
diff will show if the contents are unchanged).

Running 'make *.png' in the docs directory and committing the
result means the timestamps are now up-to-date, and 'make dist'
no longer has anything to do.  This gets us closer to the goal
of two checkouts being able to produce the same tarball.

* docs/libvirt-*.png: Regenerate.

Found when testing 'make dist' on a machine without ImageMagick
installed (for the 'convert' program).

  docs/libvirt-daemon-arch.png  |  Bin 16479 -> 11624 bytes
  docs/libvirt-driver-arch.png  |  Bin 16835 -> 12555 bytes
  docs/libvirt-net-logical.png  |  Bin 7387 -> 11243 bytes
  docs/libvirt-net-physical.png |  Bin 10666 -> 11336 bytes
  docs/libvirt-object-model.png |  Bin 14327 -> 9559 bytes
  5 files changed, 0 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)

diff --git a/docs/libvirt-daemon-arch.png b/docs/libvirt-daemon-arch.png
index b7ed2f689112e45ffd5b108ed7a03f9808618d96..621a55cdbfebf968ed079e3940b5bd3da22321a1 100644
GIT binary patch
literal 11624

[actual patch stripped for mailing list length limits - it's just
a regeneration of binary files]



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