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Re: [libvirt] [Patch v2 3/3] apparmor: QEMU bridge helper policy updates

Laine Stump wrote:
> The way that I think the problem should be solved is this:
> 1) All of the network-related functionality in the system instance of
> libvirt that is used by the qemu, lxc, etc. drivers internal to libvirt
> (including the nwfilter subsystem, and everything in bridge_driver.c)
> should be in a separate daemon from libvirtd, and made available via RPC
> with a public API that uses policykit for authorization/authentication,
> with separate selinux policies from libvirtd; maybe call it
> "libvirt-networkd".
> 2) When the system instance of libvirtd is creating a domain, it should
> call to libvirt-networkd via this API to do things like create a tap
> device, connect it to a bridge, add nwfilter rules, etc.
> 3) likewise, when a session (unprivileged) instance of libvirt is
> creating a domain, it also should call the same APIs, which (after
> proper authentication/authorization via policykit) will connect it to
> the privileged libvirt-networkd (or whatever its called) to perform the
> operation.

I wonder if the quantum project [1], which IIUC provides a lot of the
functionality you describe, could be used as "libvirtd-networkd".


[1] https://github.com/openstack/quantum

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