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Re: [libvirt] Bug report 826704 - sanlock releases all resources on virsh detach-disk

On Fri, Jun 01, 2012 at 10:46:04AM +0200, Frido Roose wrote:
>  On Thursday 31 May 2012 at 10:44, Frido Roose wrote:
> Hello,
> I logged a bug about using virsh detach-disk cleaning up all sanlock
> resources for the domain instead of only the device in question.
> After a quick look into the code, I think a new method similar to
> virLockManagerSanlockAddResource is needed in case of detaching a disk from
> the domain, like e.g. virLockManagerSanlockDelResource (…).
> Now it looks like virLockManagerSanlockRelease is called, which releases
> all resources:
> if ((rv = sanlock_release(-1, priv->vm_pid, SANLK_REL_ALL, 0, NULL)) < 0) {
> virsh detach-disk should then call virLockManagerSanlockDelResource for the
> given resource imo.

You are a little mixed up with the sanlock API naming here vs the hotplug
hotunplug actions.

The way sanlock works is that you do

 - Connect to sanlock
 - Register all the disks that will be operated on using
 - Invoke the acquire/inquire/release actions on sanlock

In other words, using 'AddResource' is correct, even when
releasing a resource/lease.

The problem is that the usage of SANLK_REL_ALL is wrong. We should
be using the res_args + res_count fields to pass the explicit list
of disks, instead of releasing all of them.

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