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[libvirt] libvirt modification


I am not that expert in development, but I am working on a project for migrating VM between hosts and I need to add a function to libvirt in order to send a certain message.

What I am using is KVM-qemu as a hypervisor. When a VM "live" migrates from a host A to a host B, I need that the host B sends a certain message through a socket, once the live migration has been successfully completed and the VM is running on host B. 
Can you please tell me which file I must modify in order to add my function? What does libvirt uses to notify the destination that the migration is completed.
I thought about modifying qemu_migration.c, but it didn't seem to work, so I was thinking about using virsh.c, but this way the destination host won't be notified so I don't think it can work...

Any ideas??
Thank you 

Patrick RAAD

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