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[libvirt] [PATCH 00/12] rpc: Fix several issues with keepalive messages

So far, we were dropping non-blocking calls whenever sending them would block.
In case a client is sending lots of stream calls (which are not supposed to
generate any reply), the assumption that having other calls in a queue is
sufficient to get a reply from the server doesn't work. I tried to fix this in
b1e374a7ac56927cfe62435179bf0bba1e08b372 but failed and reverted that commit.
While working on the proper fix, I discovered several other issues we had in
handling keepalive messages in client RPC code. See individual patches for more

As a nice bonus, the fixed version is shorter by one line than the current
broken version :-)

Jiri Denemark (12):
  client rpc: Improve debug messages in virNetClientIO
  client rpc: Use event loop for writing
  client rpc: Don't drop non-blocking calls
  client rpc: Just queue non-blocking call if another thread has the
  client rpc: Drop unused return value of virNetClientSendNonBlock
  rpc: Refactor keepalive timer code
  rpc: Add APIs for direct triggering of keepalive timer
  client rpc: Separate call creation from running IO loop
  rpc: Do not use timer for sending keepalive responses
  rpc: Remove unused parameter in virKeepAliveStopInternal
  server rpc: Remove APIs for manipulating filters on locked client
  client rpc: Send keepalive requests from IO event loop

 src/libvirt_probes.d         |    2 +-
 src/rpc/virkeepalive.c       |  233 ++++++++++++--------------
 src/rpc/virkeepalive.h       |    7 +-
 src/rpc/virnetclient.c       |  368 +++++++++++++++++++++++-------------------
 src/rpc/virnetserverclient.c |  127 +++++++--------
 5 files changed, 368 insertions(+), 369 deletions(-)


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