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Re: [libvirt] make dist failed

At 06/13/2012 10:25 AM, Eric Blake Wrote:
> On 06/12/2012 07:21 PM, Wen Congyang wrote:
>>>>>>    GEN    util/virkeymaps.h
>>>>>>    CC     libvirt_driver_remote_la-remote_protocol.lo
>>>>>> In file included from ./remote/remote_protocol.h:17,
>>>>>>                   from ./remote/remote_protocol.c:7:
>>>>>> ./internal.h:300:31: error: libvirt_probes.h: No such file or directory
>>> Can you give the steps to reproduce it?  I'm assuming this was a fresh
>>> git clone, in-tree build, ./autogen.sh with no special options, on
>>> GNU/Linux with dtrace available?
>> Steps to reproduce it:
>> 1. use 'git clone' to get a clean tree
>> 2. ./autogen.sh
>> 3. make dist
> As a workaround, does:
> ./autogen.sh && make && make dist
> always work?

Yes, it works.

> We really shouldn't need to compile a file for a virgin 'make dist' to
> work, but now I have enough information to repeat it.  It may be a while
> before I have a clean solution, though, since every thing I try implies
> nuking my tree and starting from a fresh clone module my patch attempt.
>> I revert some commits and test the building. I find that this problem is
>> introduced by the commit 7bff56a0d1514cb955eb14adc14281626e80e96c.
> That was fixing real bugs, but I'm not surprised that other latent bugs
> were exposed in the process.

Yes, that commit fixes a bug, but introduce a new bug.

Wen Congyang

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