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[libvirt] RFC: spice-server default listen behaviour change


I learned few things about ipv6 lately. Most importantly about
dual-socket that means that a process that opens ::0 automatically
listens on both ipv4 _and_ ipv6 unless it sets IPV6_ONLY option of
setsockopt() to 0.

This is pretty important wrt dual-stack configurations because they can
be implemented with just slight changes to spice server (unlike the old
RFE requesting listening on multiple addresses):

* when no addr= or ipvx options are set, listen on ::0

* when ipv4 and no addr= option is set, listen on

* when ipv6 is set, set IPV6_ONLY to 1 to make sure that spice server
won't listen on ipv4

* when conflicting ipvx and addr= options are set, error out (this
already works fine)

This will affect upper layers though, given bugs like
https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=832121 , but it seems to me
like the step in the right direction. Any thoughts/comments before I
file this as a bug?



David Jaša, RHCE

SPICE QE based in Brno
GPG Key:     22C33E24 
Fingerprint: 513A 060B D1B4 2A72 7F0D 0278 B125 CD00 22C3 3E24

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