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[libvirt] ANNOUNCE: libvirt maintenance release

libvirt maintenance release is now available. This is
libvirt 0.9.6 with additional bugfixes that have accumulated
upstream since the initial release.

This release can be downloaded at:


I tried to be fairly conservative here, only pulling in patches we either
already carried in Fedora 16, or fixed bugs filed against Fedora 16. If anyone
else is planning on using this release, and knows of useful and safe backport
candidates for future releases, please let me know.

Changes in this version:

* Stable release
* Pull in GNULIB regex module for benefit of test suite on Win32 (cherry
  picked from commit f94d9c5793cc57b5228c7f1915bdc76c84f0a923)
* Fix typos in API XML file paths
* qemu: avoid closing fd more than once
* command: check for fork error before closing fd
* fdstream: avoid double close bug
* command: avoid double close bugs
* avoid fd leak
* avoid closing uninitialized fd
* Set a sensible default master start port for ehci companion
* Fix logic for assigning PCI addresses to USB2 companion controllers
* Fix virDomainDeviceInfoIsSet() to check all struct fields
* lxc: use hand-rolled code in place of unlockpt and grantpt
* xen: do not use ioemu type for any emulated NIC
* xend_internal: Use domain/status for shutdown check
* xen-xm: SIGSEGV in xenXMDomainDefineXML: filename
* xen_xm: Fix SIGSEGV in xenXMDomainDefineXML
* xen: Don't add <console> to xml for dom0
* xen_xs: Guard against set but empty kernel argument
* xen: add error handling to UUID parsing
* xenParseXM: don't dereference NULL pointer when script is empty
  (cherry picked from commit 6dd8532d96b0512ddb3b10cae8f51e16389d9cc7)
* Fix sync issue in virNetClientStreamEventRemoveCallback
* fdstream: Add internal callback on stream close
* fdstream: Emit stream abort callback even if poll() doesnt.
* Don't return a fatal error if receiving unexpected stream data
* Fix handling of stream EOF
* If receiving a stream error, mark EOF on the stream
* Set to NULL members that have been freed to prevent crashes
* Fix synchronous reading of stream data
* build: fix stamp file name
* Install API XML desc to a standard location
* tests: work around pdwtags 1.9 failure
* xenapi: remove unused variable
* build: fix 'make distcheck'
* build: fix 'make distcheck' with pdwtags installed
* python: Fix doc directory name for stable releases
* docs: Serialize running apibuild.py
* configure: Use ustar format for dist tarball
* Fix parallel build in docs/ directory
* tests: avoid test failure on rawhide gnutls
* storage: Fix any VolLookupByPath if we have an empty logical pool
* daemon: Remove deprecated HAL from init script dependencies
* virCommand: Properly handle POLLHUP
* qemu: Check for domain being active on successful job acquire
* Avoid crash in shunloadtest
* spec: make it easier to autoreconf when building rpm
* test: replace deprecated "fedora-13" machine with "pc-0.13"
* network: don't add iptables rules for externally managed networks
* spec: fix logic bug in deciding to turn on cgconfig
* spec: don't use chkconfig --list
* spec: add dmidecode as prereq
* Fix incorrect symbols for virtime.h module breaking Mingw32
* spec: mark directories in /var/run as ghosts
* Remove time APIs from src/util/util.h
* Make logging async signal safe wrt time stamp generation
* Add internal APIs for dealing with time
* logging: Add date to log timestamp (cherry picked from commit
* logging: Do not log timestamp through syslog
* qemu: make PCI multifunction support more manual
* conf: remove unused VIR_ENUM_DECL
* spec: F15 still uses cgconfig, RHEL lacks hyperv

For info about past maintenance releases, see:



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