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Re: [libvirt] [PATCH v2] storage backend: Add sheepdog support

On Thu, Jun 14, 2012 at 01:14:56PM +0200, Sebastian Wiedenroth wrote:
> This patch brings support to manage sheepdog pools and volumes to libvirt.
> It uses the "collie" command-line utility that comes with sheepdog for that.
> A sheepdog pool in libvirt maps to a sheepdog cluster.
> It needs a host and port to connect to, which in most cases
> is just going to be the default of localhost on port 7000.
> A sheepdog volume in libvirt maps to a sheepdog vdi.
> To create one specify the pool, a name and the capacity.
> Volumes can also be resized later.
> In the volume XML the vdi name is prefixed with "sheepdog:"
> and put into the <target><path>. To use the volume as a disk source for
> virtual machines specify the vdi name as "name" attribute of the <source>.
> The host and port information from the pool are specified inside the host tag.

> +
> +    VIR_FREE(vol->target.path);
> +    if (virAsprintf(&vol->target.path, "sheepdog:%s", vol->name) == -1) {
> +        virReportOOMError();
> +        goto cleanup;
> +    }

Since I justed approved the suggestion to reomve 'rbd:' prefix from
RBD volume names, I think we should do the same here. So please
remove the 'sheepdog:' prefix from the storage pool volume names.


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