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Re: [libvirt] [PATCH v2] storage backend: Add sheepdog support

Am 20.06.2012 um 01:59 schrieb Eric Blake:

>> To work right this patch parses the output of collie,
>> so it relies on the raw output option. There recently was a bug which caused
>> size information to be reported wrong. This is fixed upstream already and
>> will be in the next release.
> Should we be checking at configure and/or runtime whether we are talking
> to a fixed collie?

I thought about that and am not sure how to do it best.

To check for the fix one way would be to create a large enough vdi and check
if the reported size comes back the same. But I'm not sure it's a good idea to write
to the sheepdog cluster just for a check.
This also needs the connection information and relies on the cluster already being formatted.

Another way would be to check for a version number.
Sadly the collie utility does not provide any.
The server component "sheep" does, but then we rely on both being installed on the same system.

So in the end this check might add more complexity than it might be worth.
Later today I'll send a V3 with all the other suggestions fixed.
If we can come up with a good way to check for the fix I'm happy to implement that.

Best regards,

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