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[libvirt] compile option: --without-gnutls

Hi libvirt-list,

Full disclosure: this is the first open source project I've tried to contribute to and I'm still learning the process and tools.

In any case, Mikhail Gusarov started a thread on this a while back and I've tried to take it to conclusion. I needed to remove tls for 0.8.4 so I coded up a --without-gnutls configure option using Mikhail's partial code as a template. Then I pulled down 0.9.12 and came up with a patch that I'd like to push out to the commununity.

I'm not adding any "new" functionality other than the configure option. The tls calls/structs are just #ifdef'd for the most part. In a couple of places I had to flip the logic for "if (!tls_struct) else", and also had to modify a few function calls to pass void * instead of tls pointers. 

I built --with-gnutls, --without-gnutls, and no option specified (defaults to --with-gnutls).

make check is clean except for:

TEST: libvirtdconftest
      .....!!!!!!...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  39  FAIL

...which consists mostly of this sasl failure:

39) Test corruption                                                   ... libvir: Config File error : unsupported configuration: remoteReadConfigFile: /home/ubu/git/libvirt/tests/../daemon/libvirtd.conf: auth_tcp: unsupported auth sasl

...so I'm trying to track that down, and also need to run syntax-check and valgrind tests.

Once I get the tests passing what's my next step? 
Are you okay with this approach? 
Do you want a preview of my diffs? 
Do I need to write additional tests for this new option or update any documentation? 

Chris Van Heuveln

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