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Re: [libvirt] [PATCH v2] libvirt-guests: Add parallel startup and shutdown of guests

On 03/03/2012 03:03 AM, Eric Blake wrote:
On 03/01/2012 07:23 AM, Peter Krempa wrote:
With this patch, it's possible to shut down guests in parallel. Parallel
startup was possible before, but this functionality was not documented

To enable parallel startup set the START_DELAY to 0.

Parallel shutdown has a configurable parameter PARALLEL_SHUTDOWN that
defines the number of machines being shut down in parallel. Enabling
this feature changes the semantics of SHUTDOWN_TIMEOUT parameter that is
applied as a cumulative timeout to shutdown all guests on a URI.

+# shutdown_guests_parallel URI GUESTS
+# Shutdown guests GUESTS on machine URI in parallel
+    uri=$1
+    guests=$2
+    on_shutdown=


+    timeout=$SHUTDOWN_TIMEOUT

if [ $timeout -gt 0 ]; then

+    while [ -n "$on_shutdown" ] || [ -n "$guests" ]; do
+        while [ -n "$guests" ]&&
+              [ $(guest_count "$on_shutdown") -lt "$PARALLEL_SHUTDOWN" ]; do
+            set -- $guests
+            guest=$1
+            shift
+            guests=$*
+            shutdown_guest_async "$uri" "$guest"
+            on_shutdown="$on_shutdown $guest"
+        done
+        sleep 1

if $check_timeout; then

+        timeout=$(($timeout - 1))
+        if [ $timeout -le 0 ]; then
+            eval_gettext "Timeout expired while shutting down domains"; echo
+            RETVAL=1
+            return
+        fi


+        on_shutdown_prev=$on_shutdown
+        on_shutdown=$(check_guests_shutdown "$uri" "$on_shutdown")
+        print_guests_shutdown "$uri" "$on_shutdown_prev" "$on_shutdown"
+    done

-# number of seconds we're willing to wait for a guest to shut down
+# If set to non-zero, shutdown will suspend guests concurrently. Number of
+# guests on shutdown at any time will not exceed number set in this variable.
+# Number of seconds we're willing to wait for a guest to shut down. If parallel
+# shutdown is enabled, this timeout applies as a timeout for shutting down all
+# guests on a single URI defined in the variable URIS. This must be set to
+# a nonzero positive value if the shutdown action is requested.

Change the last sentence:

If this is 0, then there is no time out (use with caution, as guests
might not respond to a shutdown request).  (Hmm, maybe we want to
default to 300 [5 minutes], and document our non-zero default, so that
you have to explicitly request 0 to avoid timeouts.)

ACK with those lines added to shutdown_guests_parallel, and the wording
change to the config file, and with the optional change to the timeout

The same check for the timeout was also needed in shutdown_guest(). I added the checks, changed the wording in the config file and set the default SHUTDOWN_TIMEOUT to 300 (with a note in the docs) and pushed the result.



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