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Re: [libvirt] [PATCH 1/9] Add support for event tray moved of removable disks

On 2012年03月09日 16:55, Daniel Veillard wrote:
On Mon, Mar 05, 2012 at 06:25:39PM +0800, Osier Yang wrote:
This patch introduces a new event type for the QMP event
DEVICE_TRAY_MOVED, which occurs when the tray of a removable
disk is moved (i.e opened or closed):


The event's data includes the device alias and the tray's
status, which indicates whether the tray has been opened
or closed.  Thus the callback definition for the event is:

typedef void
(*virConnectDomainEventTrayMovedCallback)(virConnectPtr conn,
                                           virDomainPtr dom,
                                           const char *devAlias,
                                           unsigned int trayOpened,
                                           void *opaque);

   Hum ... could we make that slightly more generic.
Instead of just being able to report on tray opened or not (i.e. closed)
Let's report TrayChangeCallback,  and have an 'int reason' instead.

Hmm, yes, 'int reason' is good idea.

But for the name, TrayMoved might describe the real action more precisely. Unlike DiskChange, it says there was some medium was
changed, TrayMoved only intends to report the tray status changeing
event, nothing really changed, or we can rename it to TrayStatusChange
to indicate the tray status is changed, but IMO it's not much
difference except getting a longer name. :-)

Then for example the API would be able to cope with more set of events,
one of the thing I can think of now would be the ability to emulate
multiple device in one as disk changers,

What does "emulate multiple device" mean? is it "s/device/event/"?

and also possibly be able to
provide invormations about the kind of media, i.e. switch from a CD-ROM
to a DVD-WR in the tray.

IMHO we should seperate the events for "tray change" and
"medium change", the info such as the kind of media should handled
by DiskChange instead,

How about defining the callback like:

 * virConnectDomainEventTrayMovedReason:
 * The reason describing why the callback was called
enum {

    /* Something else such as other driver only emits a
     * event for OPEN+CLOSE.

} virDomainEventTrayMovedReason;

 * virConnectDomainEventTrayMovedCallback:
 * @conn: connection object
 * @dom: domain on which the event occurred
 * @devAlias: device alias
 * @reason: reason why this callback was called, any of
 * @opaque: application specified data
 * This callback occurs when the tray of a removable device is moved.
 * The callback signature to use when registering for an event of type
 * VIR_DOMAIN_EVENT_ID_TRAY_MOVED wit virConnectDomainEventRegisterAny()
typedef void
(*virConnectDomainEventTrayMovedCallback)(virConnectPtr conn,
                                            virDomainPtr dom,
                                            const char *devAlias,
                                            int reason,
                                            void *opaque);


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