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Re: [libvirt] [PATCH 4/9] qemu: Do not start with source for removable disks if tray is open

Il 12/03/2012 05:55, Osier Yang ha scritto:
> What will be the problem in such case if the tray is "open" and we
> don't start with the physical CD-ROM in QEMU command line?

Closing the drive tray will not automatically close the guest tray.  (It
doesn't now because of QEMU limitations---but if you open with no
physical CD-ROM, there's no hope of fixing it :)).

>> Or you can just drop this patch, and only print the tray state in the
>> virsh dumpxml output.  There are other attributes that already handled
>> this way.
> No, Print the tray status as internal XML is opposite with the
> purpose of these patches, we don't want the domain migrated
> or (saved + restored) see the medium still exists in guest
> while it's ejected before. 

Ah, understood.  Was it stated in commit messages?

VMs with physical CD-ROMs in general should not be migrated, so I think
migration is not a problem in this case.


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