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Re: [libvirt] [test-API PATCH 0/7] Multiple fixes and improvements series

On 03/22/2012 08:54 AM, Guannan Ren wrote:
On 03/21/2012 08:46 PM, Peter Krempa wrote:
This is a set of more or less independent fixes and improvements to the
test API. I ran across these while trying to write a basic test case as
a "Hello world!" to the test-API.

Improvements are in fields of cross-distro compatibility, broken API's
typos and usability.

Peter Krempa (7):
utils: Make ipget.sh more portable
lib: fix streamAPI class
domainAPI: Add wrapper method to work with domain's console
repos/domain/create.py: Fix typo in path to python executable
utils: Allow suffixes in path to the main checkout folder
parser: Be more specific on mistakes in case files
domain/[start|destroy]: Add a optional noping flag to skip the ping

exception.py | 10 +++++++++
lib/domainAPI.py | 9 ++++++++
lib/streamAPI.py | 52 +++++++++++++++++++++++-----------------------
proxy.py | 4 +++
repos/domain/create.py | 2 +-
repos/domain/destroy.py | 50 +++++++++++++++++++++++++-------------------
repos/domain/start.py | 50 +++++++++++++++++++++-----------------------
utils/Python/utils.py | 2 +-
utils/ipget.sh | 4 +-
9 files changed, 105 insertions(+), 78 deletions(-)

Hi Peter

I have pushed the set of patches after some small modifications based on
my comments.
If you have any comment, please be free to tell me.
Thanks your patches.

Thanks for the review,pointing out some mistakes (I'm a python beginner), and pushing the series.


Guannan Ren

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