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Re: [libvirt] [test-API PATCH 4/6] Add default 'uri' parameter to all tests

On 03/27/2012 03:55 PM, Martin Kletzander wrote:
On 03/26/2012 03:15 PM, Guannan Ren wrote:

           This will create a default option named "uri" on the framework
side like logger for all of testcases.
           If we want all of testcases to test a remote server that
results in adding uri for each of them in test.conf
           that's not so good.
           Do you think if it is better to write the default uri in
env.cfg, then parser it for all of testcases.

This will create the parameter only if it doesn't exist yet. I see no
problem with modifying env.cfg, adding defaulturi='xen:///' in there and
using $defaulturi in all the tests. This should still work. However if
you want to use one URI for all the tests, the default 'None' ensures
that the default libvirt URI will be used. Thus it's enough to modify
/etc/libvirt.conf or use LIBVIRT_DEFAULT_URI, etc. All of the options
should work with the code like this (defaulting to None if no uri is given).


      It'd better to have an explicit setting for default uri.
we don't need $defaulturi in case config file, the framework add it for us.
      When we don't give value to defaulturi in env.cfg like
            "defaulturi = "
     it works like defaulturi = None, so it's okay here.

     Guannan Ren

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