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Re: [libvirt] [test-API] RFC: Stabilization of libvirt-test-API

On 03/29/2012 08:14 PM, Martin Kletzander wrote:

  - fix hard-coded options into real options (e.g. commit 65449e)
  - fix some env_* and util* code (functions duplicated with different
  - fix or remove harmful and pointless code (at this point, when
creating domain on remote machine, be prepared for the test to fail with
any other user then root and with root, have backup of both local and
remote '/root/.ssh' directories as the contents will be erased!)
  - fix method names for the {connect,domain,etc.}API (get_host_name vs.
lookupByUUID etc.)

The optional things:
  - get rid of classes in lib and make just few utility functions
covering *only* the methods that do something else than call the same
method in underlying class from the libvirt module.
  - get rid of the new exception (I don't see any other difference than
in the name, which can make a difference in "except:" clause, but it's
converted everywhere)

        the above should be easy to fix to cleanup.
        I can do it.

  - be able to share variables between tests (connection object and
anything else)

         This belongs to new feature, we better consider it later.

  - introduce new config file for tests (.ini format, can be parsed by
ConfigParser, same as env.cfg, define variables used throughout the test

       Please list out some critical cause, why?

  - update the documentation

          I can do it.

  - use some python code style (PEP-8?), make use of True/False, None

         we used pylint to review it, It is fine.(maybe could be better)

  - eliminate duplicated (and x-plicated) code (append_path in all the
files, etc.)

          easy to do.

          Guannan Ren

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