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Re: [libvirt] [PATCH 0/2] Rework RPC message buffer

On 04/27/2012 07:22 AM, Michal Privoznik wrote:
> This patch set tries to fix corner cases where libvirt runs on huge
> system, e.g. 4K CPU monster. In these cases, capabilities XML is
> enormously big, as we are transferring info about each singe CPU core
> (to which NUMA node it belongs, etc.). This XML is bigger than our
> RPC limit, therefore users cannot get it as it is dropped on server,
> leaving them with inability to connect. Therefore we need to increase
> those limits (whole RPC message and RPC string). However, simple
> lifting up will work, but increase mem usage.
> Therefore I've reworked RPC buffer handling: changed it from
> 'statically' to dynamically allocated.
> So in most cases - when small messages are sent - this will even
> decrease our memory consumption. Leaving us flexible for corner cases
> described above.
> On the other hand, I realize we've had our history with RPC breakage.
> So I think I'll require more than 1 ACK before pushing.
> What's your opinion?

I think it's worth making a change like this, but holding off until
after the 0.9.12 release to make sure we have time to hammer on it and
address any unintended fallout.  I still haven't closely reviewed the

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