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Re: [libvirt] [PATCHv3 2/4] util: allow specifying both src and dst pid in virNetlinkCommand

On 05/04/2012 12:51 PM, Laine Stump wrote:
> Until now, virNetlinkCommand has assumed that the nl_pid in the source
> address of outgoing netlink messages should always be the return value
> of getpid(). In most cases it actually doesn't matter, but in the case
> of communication with lldpad, lldpad saves this info and later uses it
> to send netlink messages back to libvirt. A recent patch to fix Bug
> 816465 changed the order of the universe such that the netlink event
> service socket is no longer bound with nl_pid == getpid(), so lldpad
> could no longer send unsolicited messages to libvirtd. Adding src_pid
> as an argument to virNetlinkCommand() is the first step in notifying
> lldpad of the proper address of the netlink event service socket.
> ---
>  src/util/virnetdev.c             |    4 ++--
>  src/util/virnetdevmacvlan.c      |    6 +++---
>  src/util/virnetdevvportprofile.c |    4 ++--
>  src/util/virnetlink.c            |   13 +++++++------
>  src/util/virnetlink.h            |    2 +-
>  5 files changed, 15 insertions(+), 14 deletions(-)

ACK.  This one can technically be applied without waiting on lldpad
testing (although it doesn't hurt to wait to apply the series as a unit
when patch 1 and 4 pass testing).

Eric Blake   eblake redhat com    +1-919-301-3266
Libvirt virtualization library http://libvirt.org

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