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Re: [libvirt] [libvirt-glib 4/5] Allow unsetting of string & object properties


I've split this patch in 2 to make it more digestable. First one is
unchanged and only contains the gvir_config_object_set_node_content
The 2nd one only has the gvir_config_object_attach_replace changes,
and it has some changes: I reordered the parameter to _attach_replace to
make the order similar to most other functions, and I changed the
GVIR_CONFIG_OBJECT() casts to (GVirConfigObject *) otherwise we'd get a
runtime check when passing a NULL pointer.

gvir_config_domain_set_devices could try to unref a NULL pointer, I've
changed that, and gvir_config_domain_set_clock was still rejecting NULL
klock parameters through a g_return_val_if_fail.

I've dropped the gvir_config_domain_source_pty_set_path change for now
since there are other places where _replace_child_with_attribute is used
and could handle NULL pointers as well.

ACK on these 2 patches, but you should review the 2nd one for obvious


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