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[libvirt] IPV6 and routing

On Sat, 6 Oct 2012, Gene Czarcinski wrote:

OK, what am I missing?  What don't I understand?

If IPv6 is going to be useful in virtualization, then there must be some "easy" way to have other systems understand that the virtualization host is acting as a router for the virtual IPv6 networks it runs. While being able to go between the virtualization hosts and the virtual guests is very useful, I do not consider this sufficient.

We programatically, on a per VM basis, set up our ebtables and iptables rules at pmman.com (thus my 'ROADMAP' question earlier this week). Under RHEL 6's (and thus CentOS') KVM and libvirtd stock setup, there was a built-in filter as provided by libvirtd install -- as I recall: a 'clean-traffic' filter -- that we had to amend out, compared to prior xen setups under the earlier RHEL variant

Have you dumped and examined the running rules affecting IPv6 traffic?

-- Russ herrold

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