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[libvirt] libvirt support for dhcp6 .. not time soon

Well, so much for libvirt support for stateful IPv6 addresses (dhcp6). Not with the current design/implementation.

The problem is UPD6 server port 547 or rather how it is used. I am not sure what the technical details are yet nor if this is "fixable", but as the situation now stands, there can be only one dhcp6 server on a system. DHCPD6 cannot live with dnsmasq and dnsmasq cannot live with another dnsmasq ... first one started grabs the port and the others die because they cannot get exclusive use.

I suppose you could run one dnsmasq which supported all virtual networks but things are going to get messy when virtual networks are started/destroyed/whatever.

I kludged together a little patch for libvirt which forced a dhcp-range specification for any net with an ipv6 definition.

If anyone has some insight into this, I would appreciate hearing able it.

If anyone knew that you could not run two or more dhcp6 servers on the same system, I realy wish that information was more widely known (or obvious).


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