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Re: [libvirt] Memory free in libvirt JNA

Hi Claudio,
   Thanks for you informing about new JNA version. I try to use JNA provided API. It works well. The updated code is as following:

     public SchedParameter[] getSchedulerParameters() throws LibvirtException {
         IntByReference nParams = new IntByReference();
         SchedParameter[] returnValue = new SchedParameter[0];
-        String scheduler = libvirt.virDomainGetSchedulerType(VDP, nParams);
+        Pointer pScheduler = libvirt.virDomainGetSchedulerType(VDP, 
+ nParams);
-        if (scheduler != null) {
+        if (pScheduler != null) {
+            String scheduler = pScheduler.getString(0);
+            Native.free(Pointer.nativeValue(pScheduler));
             virSchedParameter[] nativeParams = new virSchedParameter[nParams.getValue()];
             returnValue = new SchedParameter[nParams.getValue()];
             libvirt.virDomainGetSchedulerParameters(VDP, nativeParams, nParams);

If there is no issue. I recommend to use this solution to enhance all JNA code.

Not all the returned String should be freed by JNA. For example,  In Domain Class, the result returned by the method getName/ getUUIDString
can't be freed. Because the reference were not allocated temporarily. We must analyze case by case.

Benjamin Wang

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To: Benjamin Wang (gendwang)
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Subject: Re: [libvirt] Memory free in libvirt JNA

At Thu, 11 Oct 2012 08:37:23 +0000,
Benjamin Wang (gendwang) wrote:
> Hi Claudio,
>    Sorry for my late response.
>    I have gone through Claudio's solution. It's good. But I think this is not a common solution. There are two points:
> 1. This solution must use Pointerbyreference to encapsulate the
>    Pointer. This is not clean.

Yes, as I said, this adds another level of indirection --- which is pretty useless in Java.

> 2. Libvirt provides virFree method. But a common library could not
>    provide memory management functions.

Sorry, I don't get your point here.

> My proposal is as following:
> 1. Add a new Class Libc.java
> public interface Libc  extends Library{
> 	Libc INSTANCE = (Libc) Native.loadLibrary("c", Libc.class);
> 	public void free(Pointer p);
> }

Not every platform has a shared library called "c". On Windows this would be msvcrt.dll for the Microsoft runtime. So, you would need to branch on the platform to load whatever library seems appropriate.

Also, I just discovered that since version 3.3.0 JNA provides a public free method itself.

Since I get crashes when using callback functions with JNA 3.2.7 in certain circumstances it is better just to require a newer version of JNA, IMHO.

I'll post a few patches with improvements and memory fixes tomorrow.

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