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Re: [libvirt] how libvirt communicate with qemu?

On 2012年10月21日 17:42, yue wrote:
i am reading source code, begin with tracing simple command line ,like
virsh list and forth.

virsh edit is not helpful if you want to known how libvirt
communicates with qemu. It's completely implemented in

please look at my qurestions
1.how libvirt communicate with qemu?
call qemu'lib or open special device/socket?

Yeah, socket.

2. i do not find the implement of function
i also search qemu-kvm source

ctags, cscope will help you.

3. qemuListAllDomains is the function which corespond to virsh-list.
please explain this function .
virDomainList(conn, driver->domains.objs, domains, flags);
i) it seems driver->domains.objs have gotten all dmains. so when and
where driver->domains.objs is assigned.
ii)and what is conn,and its definition?

Likewise, using good tools always help you.


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