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Re: [libvirt] [PATCH 1/2] v3: put dnsmasq parameters into a file instead of the command line

On 10/23/2012 01:13 PM, Laine Stump wrote:
I tried your earlier --interface patch on F17 last night, and built it
on F16 and RHEL6 but didn't get a chance to test it. So instead I'm
going to try a build with both of these patches on the three platforms
today and (hopefully) push them both prior to the 1.0.0 freeze late
tonight. That way they'll have a reasonable amount of testing, and will
get even more (and especially on other distros) during the freeze, with
time enough to tweak (or even back out if necessary) before 1.0.0.
OK, there are "branches" at v0.10.2-maint, v0.9.11-maint, and v0.9.6-maint. Would it be useful to attecmp backporting any of this stuff to those "levels"?

Here is what I sent to the dnsmasq discussion list:
It would be useful to libvirt if dnsmasq would reread the configuration file and/or the files in the configuration directory upon demand (via SIG<something>) as is done for some other files.

Right now, when minor changes are made to a network configuration, it is necessary to restart dnsmasq to get those changes adopted.

Is this a possibility this could be done or is this one of those things that yes, it could be done, but it would require rewriting most of dnsmasq. What types of changes might be accommodated? What if these changeable definitions were put into a special configuration file?

Example: v6 or v6 dhcp-range.

Example of something that would unlikely be possible: interface=

Can you provide a bit more info as to what you would like to change without restarting dnsmasq.


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