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Re: [libvirt] how to delete storage-pool entirely

On 10/25/2012 01:51 AM, yue wrote:

When asking unrelated questions, it is best to start a new thread
instead of sending your mail in reply to the wrong thread.

> it seems that   if   pools has the same path  even with  different uuid  ,they will be recognize as one pool. 

You may have found a bug - in general, different UUID must mean
different pools, but the same path should not be possible in different

> if i have defined  a pool with a  special path, next time to define a new one(same path , different uuid)  will fail.  then i delete(rm -f ) pool.xml file, define the pool again , it  fail too.    so  if there is cache  for all pools been defined until next start libvirtd?
> my questions:
> 1. how to delete a pool  entilely , include  pool-xml file  and  possible cache (not to restart libvirtd).?

virsh pool-undefine

> 2.throught calling libvirt  API , how to find the  pool with a special path,no need to define it again?

Not quite sure I understood the question, but 'virsh pool-list' and
'virsh pool-refresh' might be helpful.

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