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Re: [libvirt] [PATCHv9 1/9] blockjob: add qemu capabilities related to block jobs

On 10/23/12 22:16, Eric Blake wrote:
On 10/23/2012 01:52 PM, Peter Krempa wrote:
On 10/23/12 04:10, Eric Blake wrote:
Upstream qemu 1.3 is adding two new monitor commands, 'drive-mirror'
and 'block-job-complete'[1], which can drive live block copy and
storage migration.  Additionally, RHEL 6.3 had backported an earlier
version of most of the same functionality, but under the names
'__com.redhat_drive-mirror' and '__com.redhat_drive-reopen' and with
slightly different JSON arguments, which we can support without too
much extra effort.

I know that it's convenient to have this in the upstream release as it
would remove the need to backport that feature every time. Said this, I
still don't like the idea dragging this stuff into the upstream code as
upstream would be responsible for supporting that from the time it went in.

I am willing to give in on this if somebody else thinks that it would be
beneficial, but right now I'm not convinced that we want this upstream.

I suppose it's not too hard to split this into two patches - one for
upstream that uses only drive-mirror (and provides but not populates the
feature "drive-reopen",), and one for backporting to RHEL but omitting
from upstream that checks the __com.redhat_* commands.  We'll see if any
one else has a strong opinion one way or the other

For precedence, note that we HAVE pulled other changes upstream for
supporting RHEL 6.3 and CentOS qemu out-of-the-box with upstream
libvirt, such as our change to recognize that if 'qemu-kvm -help'
includes the substring 'libvirt', then it supports usable QMP even
though the version claims to be only 0.12.xyz which normally did not
have usable QMP.

If nobody else will have any opinion against this until you will be pushing this, you have my ACK as-is.


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