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Re: [libvirt] [PATCH v2 1/2] Qemu/Gluster: Add Gluster protocol as supported network disk formats.

Il 26/10/2012 15:38, Jiri Denemark ha scritto:
>     <host name='example.org' port='6000' transport='tcp'/> or
>     <host socket='/path/to/sock' transport='unix'/>
> However, I don't like this too much either. What if we add a general socket
> element? In other words,
>     <host name='example.org' port='6000' transport='tcp|rdma'/> or
>     <socket type='unix' path='/path/to/sock'/>
> where the type attribute in socket element would determine what other
> attributes can be used (path for unix sockets). Internally, both elements
> could be described by a unified socket structure.

The reason why I suggested reusing <host> is because you could in
principle have socket as an attribute even for other transports.
libvirt for example has it as a socket parameter for its ssh transport.

What about moving the transport to source:

   <source protocol='gluster' name='Volume2/Image' transport='tcp'>
     <host name='example.org' port='6000'/>

   <source protocol='gluster' name='Volume2/Image' transport='unix'>
     <socket path='/path/to/sock'/>

where hypothetically an ssh transport could have both host and socket


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