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Re: [libvirt] [PATCHv9 4/9] blockjob: support pivot operation on cancel

On 10/26/2012 07:07 AM, Peter Krempa wrote:
> On 10/23/12 04:10, Eric Blake wrote:
>> This is the bare minimum to end a copy job (of course, until a
>> later patch adds the ability to start a copy job, this patch
>> doesn't do much in isolation; I've just split the patches to
>> ease the review).
> ACK if the RHEL stuff will be pulled in, otherwise it will require a few
> changes.

Here's what I'm squashing in for the non-RHEL change:

diff --git i/src/qemu/qemu_driver.c w/src/qemu/qemu_driver.c
index f812ac1..65df4f0 100644
--- i/src/qemu/qemu_driver.c
+++ w/src/qemu/qemu_driver.c
@@ -12554,7 +12554,6 @@ qemuDomainBlockPivot(struct qemud_driver
*driver, virDomainObjPtr vm,
     int ret = -1;
     qemuDomainObjPrivatePtr priv = vm->privateData;
     virDomainBlockJobInfo info;
-    bool reopen = qemuCapsGet(priv->caps, QEMU_CAPS_DRIVE_REOPEN);
     const char *format =

     /* Probe the status, if needed.  */
@@ -12584,8 +12583,7 @@ qemuDomainBlockPivot(struct qemud_driver
*driver, virDomainObjPtr vm,

     /* Attempt the pivot.  */
     qemuDomainObjEnterMonitorWithDriver(driver, vm);
-    ret = qemuMonitorDrivePivot(priv->mon, device, disk->mirror, format,
-                                reopen);
+    ret = qemuMonitorDrivePivot(priv->mon, device, disk->mirror, format);
     qemuDomainObjExitMonitorWithDriver(driver, vm);

     /* Note that RHEL 6.3 'drive-reopen' has the remote risk of a

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Libvirt virtualization library http://libvirt.org

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