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[libvirt] How you can help with maintenance releases

Hey all,

As you're likely aware, I've been cutting maintenance releases of certain
libvirt versions for the past six months:


Since I'm not hugely involved with development these days, and things move
pretty quick in libvirt land, I'd like to appeal to you fine gentleman for a
bit of assistance here. None of this is mandatory, but hopefully it's low
enough effort that I get a few bites :) Here's the gist:

Next time you post a bug fix for an issue you can imagine someone actually
hitting and filing a bug report about, consider doing one of the following:

- Pushing the patch to the relevant maint branches
- CCing me on the posting, with a note that this might be a maint candidate

Of course, doing this for patches that someone else posts is completely fine
with me too :)

Take a look at the current branched versions and their original release dates:

libvirt 0.9.6:  Sep 22 2011
libvirt 0.9.11: Apr 3 2012
libvirt 0.10.2: September 24 2012

So if you find a bug in code that you know hasn't been touched for a year, it
might be a candidate for all 3 branches! Jiri recently noticed this and
cherry-picked a patch, (which was very much appreciated!):


As an example of how to push a patch to a maintenance branch, say you want to
backport master commit ab12cd34:

git checkout --track remotes/origin/v0.10.2-maint
git checkout v0.10.2-maint
git cherry-pick -x ab12cd34
git push v0.10.2-maint

If the cherry-pick doesn't apply cleanly, feel free to just CC me and I'll
straighten it out.

That's it! Let me know if you have any questions.


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