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Re: [libvirt] dhcp6, radvd, ip6tables, etc. (update)

On 10/31/2012 11:53 AM, Laine Stump wrote:
That's just a safeguard to enforce the ipv4-only status of dhcp in the
current libvirt. Just remove that restriction from the function
virNetworkDefUpdateIP() as a part of your patch adding ipv6 dhcp support.

OK, removing the ipv4 test has net-update ipv6 working as well as ipv4 does.

Observation: this is definitely a work-in-progress. I only tried ip-dhcp-range and ip-dhcp-host. The ip-dhcp-range produced the expected in the the xml was updated and dnsmasq was restarted. With ip-dhcp-host, it only did the right thing if the network was down. If it was started, nothing much happened.

A suggestion, before F18 goes with 0.10.2, I suggest that the virsh man-page be updated. Currently, you would think that all of the stuff worked. Clearly, it does not. At best, users will be confused. I suggest listing the functions that are planned but not currently implemented.

Speaking of documentation.  This should be updated for DHCPv6:
http://libvirt.org/http://libvirt.org/formatnetwork.html and there is docs/http://libvirt.org/formatnetwork.html.in in the git. However, it is not clear what the process is for changing/updating the documentation. Doing a grep on the log does not show a lot of commits being performed on it.

While a lot of using IPv6/DHCP6 is straight-forward, there are a couple of twists such as not specifying a MAC address for a v6 dhcp-host specification.

One other thing. I am thinking about a separate patch which will replace radvd with dnsmasq doing the work. I first need to look into dsnamsq a bit more to understand if and how it could do the job. Given it could, a small change for dnsmasq would eliminate the need for radvd.

I know there is some touchiness about this so I am thinking of adding a "special xml keyword" which would switch between radvd and dnsmasq.

BTW, I am assuming this is all post v1.0.0. I have currently completed the dhcp6 patch (net-update was the last piece) but I need to let things work for a while to see if I missed anything. If anyone wants to look at these patches, I can post them to this list or send them direct. However, I want to wait until v1.0.0 gets released before submitting them for review, etc.


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