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Re: [libvirt] [PATCH v2 0/4] Add cpu hotplug support to libvirt.

On 09/05/2012 07:32 AM, Tang Chen wrote:

4) Make libvirt not use cpuset cgroup.
    - For now, seems impossable.
      sched_setaffinity() behaves properly, which assumes the repluged
      cpu is the same one unpluged before. (am I right ?)
      But with cgroup's control, we cannot resolve this problem using

If I want to solve the start failure problem, what should I do ?


I posted a comment some time ago about that. If you do not mount the cpuset controller, i.e for RHEL 6 you delete the cpuset line from /etc/cgconfig, the CPU affinity isn't controlled by cgroups any more but uses the old mechanism, which works as expected: take a host CPU offline and it will be removed from the process CPU mask and will show up again after onlining the host CPU. The only issue I currently see is that the display of virsh vcpuinfo and vcpupin is somewhat strange. Using taskset will however show the the correct affinity.

I suggest that you try out that approach.


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