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Re: [libvirt] A bug or a "feature"

On 09/10/2012 01:39 PM, Eric Blake wrote:
On 09/10/2012 10:17 AM, Gene Czarcinski wrote:
I recently updated libvirt* on my test system and found out something
interesting.  Although libvirtd is restarted , the dnsmasq
instantiations it has are not restarted.

In fact, if you remove virtualization from the system, the dnsmasq
instantiations are still running.

In fact, you have to manually kill them or reboot the system to remove

If you are updated libvirt*, then you can do a
     "virsh net-destroy <whatever>"
     "virsh net-start <whatever>"

OK, is this a bug (which I will report) or simply a "feature" that I do
not like?
Remember that libvirtd must leave the network up even when libvirtd goes
down, so that it does not interfere with any running guest; bouncing
dnsmasq might be guest-visible, so it has to be commanded by more than
just a libvirtd restart.  I seem to recall that there is a known bug
where libvirtd blindly assumes that dnsmasq is already running, rather
than ensuring it is started back up if necessary, but that doesn't quite
seem to be what your are asking.  Meanwhile, your net-destroy/net-start
way of bouncing the network to force it to pick up the new config for
dnsmasq is the correct way to restart the network, as restarting
libvirtd alone must not do that role.

OK, I understand the need to leave things up.

When I am "testing" changes to libvirt (especially when they involve dnsmasq), it simple to remember doing a reboot or destroy/start the network.

This is testing and the system is a test system ... so, it is a feature!


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